World Orphan Drug Congress 2014

April 18, 2014

North America’s Largest Commercially-focused Orphan Drug Event Check out their website here: Excerpt from website: About the event The 4th annual World Orphan Drug Congress USA is where industry, government and payers come to develop new strategies and partnerships to advance orphan drug development and patient access. This is the largest, global event that stakeholders go... Read More

Scientist at Codexis (Scientist)

Biochemistry Scientist at Codexis

The Power of Biocatalysis

March 21, 2014

The Power of Biocatalysis Biocatalysis brings sophisticated new approaches to synthetic chemistry that will significantly advance innovation, development and manufacturing processes in diverse application areas. These areas include, but are not limited to, fine chemicals, advanced pharmaceutical intermediates, agrochemicals, feed stocks, food ingredients, detergents components, and biofuels (See, Table 1). For all of these industries,... Read More

Greg Hughes (VP Alliance & New Product Development)

Organic Process Research & Development Conference (OPRD)

March 6, 2014

On February 19th, 2014, Scientific Update celebrated 30 years of excellent chemistry-based conferences with the Organic Process Research & Development conference, in Orlando Florida. This three day conference was held at the Radisson Orlando Resort Celebration Hotel.  The conference also offered an additional half-day short course on Reaction Work-Up and Production Isolation (Design Strategies and... Read More

Kayla Drake (Marketing & Social Media Associate)

How the use of Biocatalysis in Pharma can improve processes

February 25, 2014

Biocatalysis in short, offers pharmaceutical companies a more efficient R&D process. Providing an alternative to traditional chemistry, biocatalysis is an innovative approach that offers the user numerous time and cost saving advantages. A biocatalytic process can significantly reduce the number of steps in your drug, development and/or manufacturing practices. The reduced number of steps means... Read More

Scott Watson (VP, Sales & marketing)

Biocatalyst optimization: use of gene cloning, bioinformatics and computer algorithms

February 21, 2014

Introducing biocatalytic steps into established manufacturing processes is not always straightforward, but transitioning to the use of biocatalysts is becoming easier all the time. Instead of taking years to find the right biocatalyst, it is now possible to find one in a matter of months. Enzymes suitable for small, lab scale experiments can be found... Read More

Emily Foster (Former Translational Scientist)

Dynamic Kinetic Resolution

February 4, 2014

Figure 1. Dynamic Kinetic Resolution via transamination.             The use of dynamic kinetic resolution (DKR) significantly enhances the power of asymmetric catalysis as it allows for multiple stereocenters to be set in a single reaction.  The key features, and challenges, of a successful DKR are that: Keq needs to be... Read More

Greg Hughes (VP Alliance & New Product Development)

Informex 2014 30th Anniversary

February 1, 2014

Last week Informex, an annual pharmaceutical tradeshow, celebrated its 30th anniversary in Miami Beach, Florida. Since 1985 Informex has been a well-known gathering for pharmaceutical suppliers, distributors and customers to meet in an informal setting to discuss business opportunities, arrange networking engagements, and above all, share their collective knowledge of the chemical market. What has... Read More

Kayla Drake (Marketing & Social Media Associate)

Professor Chi-Huey Wong wins 2014 Wolf Prize in Chemistry for work in Biocatalysis

January 28, 2014

Congratulations to Professor Chi-Huey Wong on winning the 2014 Wolf Prize in Chemistry for his pioneering work in Biocatalysis.  Professor Wong has been recognized by the foundation for the development of chemo-enzymatic syntheses “that enable the previously impossible or infeasible synthesis and study of … complex carbohydrates, glycoproteins, and related substances.” His early work in... Read More

Jim Lalonde (VP of Research & Development)

Frances Arnold on Modifying Biology and Directed Evolution

January 13, 2014

Frances Arnold of the California Institute of Technology is an advocate of directed evolution and modifying natural biology to create new objects to solve real world issues. Frances discusses the importance of directed evolution and modifying biology to solve problems such as the energy crisis, and discovering new drugs in this short clip: Frances... Read More

David Entwistle (Associate Director, Process Chemistry)

Biocatalysis: Green Technology

January 6, 2014

The use of biocatalysis to bring about a desired transformation has been exploited since ancient times. For example, the Sumerians, as far back as the 6th century used natural yeasts for brewery and bread making. In the present day, biocatalysis has seen increasing use in the production of important pharmaceutical intermediates, and fine and bulk... Read More

Scott Novick (Senior Scientist)

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